John Beltran – Ascending (Jon Sable Remix) [wewillalwaysbealovesong]

John Beltran, a true legend of his time, began the year by coming out with his brand-new record The Musical Storm on Marseille imprint wewillalwaysbealovesong. For those who might not know who Mr. Beltran is, his early work on Carl Craig’s seminal Retroactive label helped sculpt the Detroit house scene we reverently regard today. Although his work is difficult to place in just one category, John produces music that is heavily influenced by sounds that go beyond his hometown of Lansing, Michigan. However, he always manages to stay true to the jazz vibrations that are rooted in almost every artist who calls the place home.

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Given the success of his recent EP, the lads of wewillalwaysbealovesong have decided to come out with a follow-up to it – employing the likes of Ad Fiction, Lance D, Hobo Noise, and Kosme to dish out remixes of their favorite Beltran tunes from the record. To round out the release, we are fortunate enough to be sharing Jon Sable’s take on his trance-y original “Ascending.” The Kiwi producer, mostly known for his releases on Chaos In CBD’s In Dust We Trust, decides to make his first splash of 2019 with a remix that echoes the sort of vibes we have grown to recognize him by. Wholly deep and moody, Sable takes Beltran’s tune in a completely different direction by transforming it from a song you’d likely hear at a warehouse into something noticeably more sophisticated and fit for a lounge. A head-bobber through and through, I can see myself relaxing with a nice cocktail while this sets the mood in the background.

This is just a taste of the various genres displayed throughout this release. To get your hands on a copy, make sure to pre-order yours by following this link right here!