Joe Morris – Cloud Nine (Aimes remix) [Wonder Stories]

Wonder Stories leads us into the summer heat with the irresistible new Cloud Nine EP from Joe Morris. The house veteran from Leeds delivers a dreamy downtempo gem in “Cloud Nine” with Balearic House titans Max Essa and Coyote adding stunning remixes before Wonder Stories boss Aimes rounds it out on the B2. Prime for any set from sunset to sunrise, “Cloud Nine” floats along with dripping chords surrounded by buzzing arpeggios and melodic pads. The 303 bassline trots along, extending itself in all the right places as the space grows and grows around it. African percussion slides in as the beat drives forward with additional drum elements added throughout. As it breaks down the track finds itself somewhat in between Todd Terje and Mood II Swing while occupying its own realm in space with the soaring synth lines and thick reverb.

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Wonder Stories boss Aimes reworks “Cloud Nine” with a remix that sits well in line with the sound the Brooklyn label has built through over 25 releases since 2011. While “Cloud Nine” finds itself within the bounds of the left-field house, disco and techno prevalent on Wonder Stories so far, Aimes’ remix finds itself exploring new territory in the summertime sunshine. Maintaining the same ethereal textures of the original, Aimes instead chooses to thrust the bassline ahead, introducing chords later as the 303 does the floating instead. The percussion elements find themselves cloaked in a dreamy reverb, while extended synth lines produce an uplifting atmosphere from some unknown future city. While there is still a sense of fogginess, the melodies and chords wrap the listener in a poolside summer warmth. You can already pre-order your copy, out on june, 25th. To compliment that release we also picked 6 littles questions for Aimes, find it below.



Three house heroes you’d like to invite to dinner and why?
1. DJ Harvey – He’s such a maniac with a really cool story. Props to the guy who’s doing it better at 60 than most 20 year olds.
2. Patrick Cowley – What an incredible genius, I’d love to pick his brain about synths and production.
3. Larry Heard – It’d be great to hear about his thought process behind those initial ground breaking tracks.

Worst travel story while working
I had a 52 hour flight back from Bali that included a 24 hour lay-over in Korea. I had to sleep on the floor. That was not fun. I’m guessing the promoter chose the cheapest flight. 

Selectors travel tip?
Travel light and stay healthy + hydrated. 

5 records you never leave home without.
1. The latest Wonder Stories 12″ of course. ;)
2. Full Pup Sampler 1 – All tracks are perfectly weird and beautiful and really have an impact when dropped at the right time.
3. Eli Escobar – Work It – Back when his stuff was more acid housey rather than the recent sample based disco stuff he’s been doing lately. Tim from Dither Down gave me this record back when I had a release with them. Every track is THE BUSINESS.
4. Professor Genius – La Grotta – Mike Simonetti used to drop off Italians Do It Better records at local shops in NYC so you could pick these up for pretty cheap. This is a total italo stomper.
5. Steve Cook – Tusk Wax 13 – Lucky #13, love all the tracks on this release. They’re unique, vibey, and weird. I play B2 ‘Hacid’ a lot.

What was on your best rider ever
I haven’t really had a crazy rider. No only brown M&Ms only or anything like that. The best thing you’ll ever put on your rider are headphone adapters.

Favourite festival you’ve ever played at?
Not too many but Governors Ball on Randall’s Island in NYC was pretty cool. Lift Fest only ran one year but it was a great festival. I got to do my live set.