JK Group – What’s Real? [La Sape]

jk group
Melbourne’s La Sape, an independent label focusing on jazz-inspired sounds is back with another stunning release. This time it comes from fellow Melbourne-based band, JK Group, fronted by Josh Kelly, saxophonist for the 30/70 Collective who was also recognized as the 2019 PBS Young Elder of Jazz. Only the group’s second offering (and second on the label), the new single, “What’s Real?” is a crossover hit. Combining deep, electronic moods with organic, jazzy instrumentation, it has a modern jazz feel akin to a lot of sounds coming from the booming London scene.

“What’s Real?” was recorded without advanced planning when all the group members schedules allowed them to be in one spot at the same time (this happened to be in Melbourne). Tracked fully on analog gear, something we’re seeing less and less of these days, the record owes part of its warmth to the tried and true method. We’re graced with two solos here, one on the sax from Josh Kelly which is then followed up by a Rhodes solo from James Bowers to end the track on a high. The constantly rising, tension building piece beautifully brings together all the elements into a whirling climax that doesn’t lose its grip on you until the final note.

This is another lovely offering from La Sape, who also brought you music from the likes of GODTET, Horatio Luna and Godriguez. Any jazz enthusiast is going to want to grab this one for their digital record bag.