jitwam – Stronger [The Jazz Diaries]

jitwam - Stronger [The Jazz Diaries]

Born in India, raised in Australia, and now roaming between cities in Europe and America, jitwam is an artist who wholly embodies the cultural influences that result from living in such a globalized world. For the release of his third EP titled Purple, the producer has decided to focus on a place near and dear to his heart – Brooklyn, New York.

Currently the location where he spends most of his time, jitwam describes the inspiration behind the record as “heavily influenced by the rhythm of New York. The buses, cars, and trains …” He then elaborates that “It feels like a night out in NYC, making your way to the club and ending back at the crib at 5 am watching the sunrise.”

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If we had to guess where his track Stronger falls on the timeline of a night out, we’d say that it most likely lands around the last call mark – a period in which feelings on the dancefloor are their most euphoric and the night is beginning to wind down just after an unforgettable climax. The reason we say this is that every aspect of this rising club anthem is so positive and uplifting.

From the airy, stringed melodies that loop from beginning to end, to jitwam’s ad-libbed vocals that are as lyrical as they are instrumental, Stronger sends a clear message to its listeners to keep persevering to get all that they want, and all that they need – a message that aligns well with the attitudes of those who choose to work and live in the Big Apple.

Purple EP will be released June 5th via The Jazz Diaries on both digital and vinyl formats. Preorder your copy now by following this link right here!