PREMIERE : Jesse Bru – How u really feel (Folamour’s Lost in the Jungle Remix) [Blaq Numbers]

Blaq Numbers (and sometimes Whyte Numbers) is back with its fourth artist EP and, this time around, they’ve landed a low-key 5-tracker from the increasingly in-demand Jesse Bru (soundcloud). It would seem every underground label on its come-up is after the Berlin-based producer and the man’s output is nothing short of impressive. ‘How u really feel‘ rounds out another strong year for the artist whose discography already includes releases on Heart to Heart, Axe on Wax, Piff, and a full-length album on Audio Parallax.

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The title track starts the EP off with an unsettling vocal sample before getting into a swinging drum machine groove alongside a distinctly cheerier, driving chord progression. This won’t be the only interesting juxtaposition on the EP as standout track ‘Turn you loose‘ also begins with an unnerving vocal sample — albeit a much longer, darker one before turning into a hard grooving edit-style track that Bru is known for. Whether this works as intended will be left up to the listener.

Folamour’s remix flips the underlying chord progression and brings it to the front of the mix — amping up the energy a few notches in the process. Loose percussion and live drum samples contrast the beefed-up chords and, together, make for a remix that stays true to the original.

Early birds are available exclusively via the Blaq Numbers Bandcamp page.


Adam Johan