Jeals – Crash [Lobster Theremin]

The latest release for landmark label Lobster Theremin’s nostalgic futurist imprint Lobster UNDR, Jeals’ Scorpio Reservior is a four track electro power pack ready to play. Jeals proves the genre is formidable for club menace right away with the throbbing “Hague-based doom” filled A1 “Crash.” Rather than utilize the heavy kick prevalent in the work Australian electro mainstay Jensen Interceptor, Jeals finds power in the bass washed groove underneath it all to great effect. All bounce and no skitter, “Crash” is a mid tempo jaunt that’s low on the hi-hats and heavy on the groove and provides serious Goldeneye vibes. The descent kicks into gear with “Happening” as Jeals sound turns uptempo and floor ready smoothly. Making fantastic use of its sparse elements, “Happening” is more Luigi’s Mansion than Luigi’s castle, conjuring images of a demented grin before dissipating into the ectoplasm.

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The record’s flip side makes way for new sounds to varied success. “Finally” is a intriguing but simple ambient interlude that has apparently been used frequently by Lobster Theremin label boss Asquith as an ominous opening for his club sets. EP closer “XL” utilizes a 4/4 time signature and a heavy blunt kick to build a jumbled and slightly unnatural groove that struggles to justify itself amongst syncopated hi-hats and the occasional hand clap. For those looking to transition out of the electro world into something wonkier, “XL” could serve as a useful tool; a unique closing note to a diverse collection of club missiles. Pre-order now on Lobster bandcamp.

Nick B