Javonntte – S.H.M. [fifteen.pm]

Javontte - City Life
Today’s premiere comes from the illustrious producer and Detroit Native Javonntte. The 9th release on nyc label fifteen.pmCity Life is a lush and soulful journey through feel good Detroit House from the long time producer.

Javonntte’s productions date back to the mid-90s, when he ran the label NRE and released tracks by himself, Blake Baxter, and Eddie Fowles, among others. In 2016, he shifted his focus back to the studio with his release of “The Musical Stylings of Javonntte” on Kai Alcé’s NDATL records. A gifted singer and multi-instrumentalist, his compositions are marked by sophisticated harmonies, melodic bass lines, and his own uncanny vocal work. City Life blossomed over a few weeks of pronounced soulfulness and positivity in the producer’s life. In his words, the four tracks are about “paying attention to beauty; it’s something that inspires me about the city; the people, everything, getting up in the morning; food…. basically they’re feel good tracks, you know lovers, or if you’re smoking weed, or whatever you’re doing, it’s something that makes you feel good.”

Today’s premiere track S.H.M. (or Swing House Madness) takes off with a groove of shuffling hi hats and thumping kicks. The track evokes the feeling of a night drive through the city as the neon lights bend and refract to the swung rhythms. The way Javonntte freaks the synth, walks the bassline, and indulges in warm keys will have you opting for the long road home just to feel the groove 1 (or 10) more times.

Visit fifteen.pm to pick up the EP today and check out the catalog of interactive music videos for other artists on their roster as well.