Jason Hogans – Why Keep Going [Alelah Records]

Detroit’s Jason Hogans steps up for Alelah Records as the first producer from across the pond to offer their own unique set of house groove for the label. And what a groove we’re given; five tracks peruse through low-slung, synth-heavy beats pushed by infectious drum breaks.

‘Why Keep Going’ is all about innocent synths in the mids met by some sleaziness in the low end. The basslines continue and on ‘Big Room Slaps’, it takes centre stage, making things real murky. ‘Dance While You Sleep’ combines a hard-hitting beat with a soft series of loose keys and a warm synth.

‘Do Away With Borders’ is Hogan venturing into stranger territory: bass deep from the depths and filtered, floating keys come up to the surface while a drowned out sample bops its way into view as the track rolls. ‘Hazy Funk Slap’, finally, breaks out into a full on frenzy of jazz drums – naughty.


text has been provided by the label.