Jad & The – Digital Daintree [Haŵs Party Vol.2]

jad & the - haws
Haŵs Party Vol. 2 is upon us. For their second outing the Cardiff based label present a consort of talented up and coming artists, including Jad & The, Aleksandir, Dan Only, Harry Griffiths and Carlo. The EP spans various dance floor genres and exhibits electro, breaks, acid and house. This record has the potential to soundscape various parts of your night, and is not one to miss.Today we have the pleasure of presenting the opening track from the EP by Jad & The titled Digital Daintree. The track starts out with an ambient intro which illustrates the sonic buzz of a rainforest. Dreamy gliding synth stabs appear through the trees and introduce the main theme, which runs throughout. The kick and shuffled snare drop in and snap away, laying valuable groove to this dreamy electro soundscape.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-jad-the-digital-daintree” /]
An acid style bassline is held back until the drop at 2 mins 55 seconds in, and fills a space in the track you had no idea was there.This is a brilliant piece of music which opens up the record perfectly, it is irresistible and addictive. If you aren’t moving to this one, check your pulse. Release is set for March 2019.