Jacques Renault – BK Slice (Spencer Parker Works Harder Mix) [Let’s Play House]

let's play house - jacques renault

Last year, Let’s Play  House released LPH cofounder, Jacques Renault’s sophomore album, BK Club Beats, Breaks & Versions, a back-to-basics effort that found the producer eschewing big-budget studio sessions and once again using samples as the clay with which he sculpts his music. Considering the snappy, cut-up nature of the tracks, we thought it’d be fun to invite a few of our friends to take the parts and reshape them into versions of their own design.

Here, LPH present the four they gathered. DJ Boring’s is a restive spellbinder stuck in a trancey lock groove; M.I.A.L.’s a molasses-thick slow-mo chugger oozing all over your eardrums; Spencer Parker’s a sunny disco strutter spinning across the dancefloor; and Tee Mango’s a wiggy soul inversion that suavely seduces. Packaged in a plain sleeve with two stamps impressed. Out Sept. 6th 2019 – buy it here.