Inner Science – End Of The Beginning (Joe Goddard Remix) [Cosmocities]

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Inner Science is a solo project by Masumi Nishimura. This talented producer creates ear-pleasing soundscapes designed to heighten your senses and brighten the world. Born in Tokyo, he’s been crafting highly impressive sonics, remixing audio masterpieces, and collaborating on some unusual projects like designing the music for a planetarium under his illusive guise for almost two decades. Landing on Cosmocities right on cue for summer, the Japanese producer deals out a new entry into his shimmering, shape-shifting mindset, the ‘Cosmo Tracks EP’. Carrying us off to a dreamy and colourful headspace that bristles with vibrant sound design to wrap your ears around, Inner Science exhibits the elevating power of his music through these three original joints, with two remixes by Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard and Giegling staple Map.ache.

The acid-infused glitter of ‘Unfold’ paves the way, making the rounds between club territory and exotica. ‘Quiet Track’ follows a similar course with its chiming melodies and driving bass on stealth mode, all scudding and mingling with haiku-esque spiritual balance, while ‘Never Fade Away’ blows the winds of poetic transcendence through a finely engineered mix of a racing groove and shower of lush textures.

UK treasure Joe Goddard takes ‘End of the Beginning’ for a slower jaunt across sun-soaked pastures. Laying his emphasis on the synth work and build-up, Goddard channels Inner Science’s many facets and exuberance through a more directed and orchestrated path. Tackling the closer ‘Momentary Spread’, Map.ache treats us to a floor-friendly approach where bleached-out pads evaporate into the ether as the bass etches its way deep into your musical mind.


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