Ike – Kiwami Formed [INDEX:Records]

If I am being honest, there isn’t a whole lot that I know about INDEX:Records. Apparently, they are a record label that was started in 2017 and consists of artists from Manchester, Berlin, and Auckland. Self-described as “confusing af,” INDEX:Records are clearly a group that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. However, the level of in which they give absolutely no fucks should be commended. I honestly haven’t laughed this hard researching a label in quite some time. For god’s sake, their about page reads:

The future is Cyborg Orgy. We, with machines, are penetrating and generating. We metabolise our instruments, giving them life and personifying them for our own devices. It is the conscious touch which has the ability to awaken the complexities of these mechanisms and arouse their own personalities.

How can you not fall in love with these guys? In all seriousness though, label heads Con + Mos actually release some highly original and experimental music. Their seventh record, which comes out today, features new music from Berlin producer Ike Zwanikken, simply known as “Ike.” Featuring two original compositions and a remix by GOD69, the lads seem to be putting all that robot fucking they’re doing to good use. A great example of this is Ike’s Kiwami Formed, which you can listen to above. Although elements of the song are quite futuristic and mechanical in nature, the tune still manages to exude a level of sexiness that’s undeniably human. Take into account it’s break-dancing assortment of electro wobbles and energetic drum patters, it’s only a matter of time before Kiwami Formed will have you up, dancing, and all hot and bothered.

Make sure to get your copy of INDEX​:​007 by following the buy link here.