Hugo Mari – Kokiri Forest [High Praise]

North Londoner Hugo Mari isn’t your run-of-the-mill house producer. If you’ve been following his output since his days under the alias Books, you’ll know him to be an accomplished and versatile producer with an appreciation for music in a variety of genres. Following releases on both Heist and Freerange Recordings, “Minds Eye” see’s Hugo returning from the mountain top with two beautifully created and emotive jams, once again taking the helm of his own High Praise imprint, on a departure from their usual edit format.

The EP as a whole is excellent, and “Mind’s Eye” sees Hugo once again join forces with three-time collaborator Zodiac, delivering a soul-drenched, mysterious and hazy jam in his unmistakable falsetto vocal styling.

On the flip, “Kokiri Forest” is a masterclass in chilled-out deep house ripe for a variety of environments. Hugo has a knack for fusing organic elements with driving rhythms and emotive melodies, crafting versatile material that works beautifully either at home or on the dance floor. Personally, I think this would rip in the club, and I’ll be saving it for those late-night moments when eyes are shut and bodies are moving through the haze of an after-hours dancefloor.

Keep an eye out for the drop on December 6th and pre-order it here. In the meantime, add Hugo Mari to your list of producers to pay attention to.