Hugo Mari – Can You Feel Your Senses [Heist Recording]

Hugo Mari is a name that should be new to your ears, but is not one to forget. Today we present a single from Hugo Mari’s debut record, which is to be released on the mighty Heist Recordings on 3rd December 2018. The five-track EP has three originals from the main man Hugo and two remixes on the B-side by none other than NDATL label head Kai Alcé. Previously Hugo had a string of releases as ‘Books’ on a variety of underground labels, including XVI, OMENA and his own label High Praise.  Much to our satisfaction, despite the name change, Hugo is still making groovy soulful house jams. The whole EP is first class, and sits right at home on Detroit Swindles Heist Recordings. The track we have the pleasure of presenting is titled ‘Feel Ur Senses’.

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The aptly titled B1, which has a repeated vocal chanting the mantra that is the title, is an emotive track that indeed tickles all the right senses. The drawn out chords have an almost sensual appeal which, when paired with the understated bassline, give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. The track continues to evolve with various elements being introduced throughout, such as different types of percussion and a rising lead synth that pairs perfectly with the established motif. Overall it is an expertly arranged piece and a big standout in the EP and as a debut for Hugo’s new alias.

The North London based Hugo is a busy man, between his time in the studio he’s promoting a night and running a label. Luckily he had some time to answer some questions about his release, production method and his future plans.


Tell us about your E.P and how it feels to release on the mighty Heist?
It feels great! I’ve been buying their records since the first release & they’ve put me on to some great artists so it’s an honour to join the ranks

How did you get your music in front of Detroit Swindle?
Maarten sent me a message on my Facebook page asking if I’d be interested in doing a release.

I didn’t ask how they’d heard my music but the Omena and High Praise releases were getting some spins from DJs so I imagine they heard one of those.

Let’s talk production, what equipment was used to make the EP?
I use Native Instruments Machine a lot. That’s where I do all my drums and often sampling and fx etc. Aside from that, hardware wise on that release, I used a Moog Sub37 for a couple of sounds but that’s it really. There’s a fair bit of gear in my studio but I don’t always use it, the Rhodes and other synth sounds are VST’s!

Under your previous alias you’ve been making moves and bubbling away with gigs in London for a fair few years. Patience and persistence seems to be key in this game, would you agree?
DJing has always been my job so I see it kind of separately to what I’m doing now with the production side. I do agree though and the main thing is that you love the process and put the time in. I’ve never worried much about anything other than trying to make good music!

You run a label with a close friend, what is High Praise about and can we expect a release anytime soon?
High Praise is a record label and party run by me & my good friend & manager Josh (Rogue & Josh). Focusing on high energy, soulful tracks for the dance floor. Yes! The first track from HP03 was premiered yesterday.  

That release is set to drop mid December and it’s fire! Two excellent & very original edits from London broken beat mainstays EVM128 & James Rudie aka. Rude & Mean. We have HP04 and HP05 lined up for next year with two very exciting artists and then I’ll probably do 06 myself!

Future plans, what is happening 2019?
I’ve got a release coming I think in February on a Japanese label that I love called Soundofspeed. Right now I’m working on a release for another dream label of mine which, this time a London based one! Then I guess I’ll try to put out another release or two in the second half of 2019 but who knows – I haven’t really thought that far ahead!

Interview by Adam P.