Harrison BDP – Need You Here [Terrazzo]


CAMERA holds an aerial view of the pool and we see a man underwater rising closer and closer to the surface.

TITLE CARD: HARRISON BDP – “NEED YOU HERE” A man, standing on a white marble platform in a lime green speedo, rises above the water’s surface as the song builds from drums toward the first instrumental stylings. The man, glowing in the sun and dripping wet, sticks his hand forward as if holding a jug, and a burst of CGI magic makes a pitcher of Aperol spritz appear in his grip.

RYAN CLOVER (Exhaling) AHHHHHHH. That’s the stuff.

RYAN tips the pitcher of Aperol spritz over his head.

CAMERA CLOSE UP on Ryan’s face as the liquid covers the head region. In slow motion, the camera moves all the way to his feet and shows the liquid turning to bright red sludge as it hits the surface of the water.
The song breaks into a more heads down groove full of your favorite proggy lasers and genre-specific blips, blops, and bloopies.

CAMERA CLOSE UP on Ryan unmoving and staring intently at the sludge.

CAMERA ZOOM OUT to show the red sludge forming into what appears to be a body. It grows and becomes more human like by the second.

“NEED YOU HERE” pulsates, moving like a cool breeze over the crowd of an open air festival.

CAMERA DOLLY IN on the sludge man, who appears to be UK Legend Harrison BDP.

HARRISON BDP (In a deep and questioning tone) Did you order this banger?

CAMERA DOLLY OUT. Staging shot of both men. Ryan, looking at Harrison inquisitively. .

RYAN CLOVER I sure did, amigo. Why don’t you slap that right here.
Ryan turns slightly, raises his hip, and exposes a soft and pasty white ass cheek. At this point the song is at a peak. Ethereal in-motion pads give way to a final burst of percussive radiance. Controlled but bumping.

HARRISON BDP Allow that, bruv. Get away.

DOLLY OUT ON BOTH MEN staring intently into each other’s eyes. Ryan challenging Harrison to make his move. Harrison trying to defeat Ryan’s challenge.

A SERIES OF QUICK CLOSE UPS on each man’s facial expressions, clenched fists, speedo crotch, wiggling toes. Rapid close ups on those various things in random order in a trip sequence. Psychedelic colors flashing on the screen as the sequence becomes more chaotic.



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