Hannd & Cosmic G – Natural Instincs (Aiden Francis’ Thicc Mix) [39 Records]

Venturing yourself from the A(i)den garden to the depth of the Cosmic (g)round. Passing through the portable r(h)ythm machine and looking for the sonic Han(n)d of the trance goddess, you have no choice but to trust your natural instinc(t)s or fall into the infinite dream(s) oblivion losing all chances to find the missing letters of your spiritual crossword.

The delicious Hannd & Cosmic G partnership is starting the 39PACK series with four tech-to-trance mixed cuts.

B1 has been revisited by the UK trancy chief officer, Aiden Francis, with a sexy and thicky reshape of the EP’s eponymous track.

Natural instincs Thicc mix is adding Aiden ethereal signature touch to the cosmic travel pack.


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