Hanna – Finger Of Love

hanna - ep

Flumo Music has consistently been pumping out quality deep, exotic and animalistic jams from the likes of Chocky, Arnheim and more for the past dozen years. Originally based in Seville, Spain, the label has since moved to London where it has expanded its global footprint to the likes of South America, Asia and the United States. Adding to this ever expanding roster of artists they are ready to introduce the US based producer HANNA to the Flumo crew with the five track Demur EP. Having previously released tracks on Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature and Paper Recordings, HANNA (Warren Harris) combines jazz influences with deep, explorative sounds and rhythms. [soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-hanna-finger-of-love” /]
B1 of FLTD013, “Finger of Love,” perfectly encapsulates the fusion of funky melodies with broken house drums. Dreamy chords ride underneath the driving groove and swinging accents. Lead melodic lines move back and forth from the left and right, exchanging high pass filters in between vocal sections as the bassline provides depth throughout. The vocal sections are supported by a constant transaction of piano chords and jamming riffs drenched in reverb set to the back of the mix. While the percussion and vocal parts seem distinctly 90s (think Mood II Swing), the jazz based melodic elements are reminiscent of more recent successes in the house scene such as Project Pablo. The track wastes no time fading out, leaving for little room to mix out, but the consistent distribution of vocal parts and melodic breaks give the DJ plenty of opportunities to find their way into the next tune.

The Demur EP 12” is out on July 16th.