Hamatsuki – Dance And Cry [Apnea]

After a busy year releasing records from E.R.P., Hieroglyphic Being, and Kyle Hall, the Spanish Apnea imprint closes out 2023 with a three-tracker from Tbilisi’s Hamatsuki. Kicking off the release, the Georgian Bassiani resident reissues ‘Sea Of Nothingness’, originally released on the local Dream Machine Records. Sustained lo-fi pads guide the way across misty waters, gated vocals echoing like sirens as cosmic swells of acid permeate its nearly eight-minute run-time.

‘Sea Of Nothingness’ then makes way for two cuts from Hamatsuki’s self-released 2021 ‘Oldies’ album, starting with ‘Dance And Cry’. It’s an emotive trip through mythical mountain forests, complete with saturated arpeggio melodies, subtle percussion and weighty bass bursts, before title track ‘Sultikveteba’ closes out this vinyl-only collage of re-releases.

Hamatsuki’s ‘Sultikveteba’ sees the Fantastic Planet and Mind Controller Rectifier artist embark on an evocative journey boasting crunchy low-end, hypnotic vocals and warm melodies, carefully laid out over its stripped-back rhythm and dropping the curtain on this hugely versatile EP brimming with feeling.


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