Hairdressa – Anything Like Us (Pletnev Remix) [Electric Shapes]

Laura Hairdressa is a rising star from Vilnius, not only a professional hairdresser but also a producer and singer with a low, deep voice that easily reminds listeners of early Madonna. Her passion for music culminated in the release of 4 debut songs, where pop structures and melodies blend seamlessly with the authentic sound of 90’s club music genres like house, breakbeat, and UK groove.

However, despite the easy-to-dance-to club music base, don’t be fooled – Hairdressa’s lyrics delve much deeper. Her songs touch on themes such as painful breakups, the blinding euphoria of substance use, fear of intimacy, and a zest for life. The result is a collection of beautiful and sophisticated songs that can find a place both on the radio and the dance floor.

The incredible remix support comes from beloved artists like Lauer, as well as talented musicians from Lithuania, including Auren, Cport Cistema, and Pletnev.


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