Haider – Retrofuturist [Breaker Breaker]

Haider - Do What You Love
London-based record label Breaker Breaker have been pushing their unique brand of “forward thinking” house music since releasing Ross From Friend’s debut in 2015, following up with releases from RGL, Half Nelson and The Colours That Rise. For their 6th release, Breaker Breaker head honcho Haider steps out from behind the scenes with a 3 track EP encompassing deep house, electro, and acid. “Do What You Love…” is the first of two EP’s that will lead into Haider’s debut album due early 2019.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-haider-retrofuturist” /]

The A-side finisher, “Retrofuturist,” is a delectable piece of intergalactic electro that’s sure to destroy any club room it’s dropped in. In traditional style, punchy percs and a fat bass line lead the way into dreamy, highly sustained pads and retro-sounding synth arpeggios. At its peak, we’re rewarded with a perfectly placed vocoder melody that’s really the cherry on top of an already excellent track. This one feels like the soundtrack to a late night excursion. A long drive. A hard dance. “Retrofuturist” is the perfect complement to hi-energy moments, or times when you’d rather be withdrawn and introspective. “Get you a track that can do both.”

“Do What You Love…” is dropping on April 6th via Breaker Breaker’s Bandcamp on both 12’’ vinyl and digital formats. Grab a piece of the pie and be the head who knows the most!!!