PREMIERE : Grimes Adhesif – Kalender Days [Greta Cottage Workshop]

Grimes Adhesif Kalender Days

Greta Cottage Workshop‘s ‘soul’ purpose is to get great unheard electronic music into the world, with no compromise. There is no defining style here and releases range from slower more melodic jams to housier cuts and beyond. Curator and label head Matt Densham has put together a steady stream of releases from Greta Cottage (it’s a real place!) in Torquay, Devon county since 2009 and the musical output is not unlike the landscape in the south-west of England – in one word, diverse. The label is also home to a radio show with a more upbeat approach which often features guests on Soundart FM every Saturday.

GCW’s next release comes from Grimes Adhesif (soundcloud). The Wales-based producer is a bit of an unsung veteran in the scene with releases dating back almost two decades, with the majority of them coming out on his own label Mind Your Head Records. He’s also part of a tight-knit crew of Welsh producers and DJs that includes the likes of Duckett, Tom Demac, Steevio and Suzybee the latter two of which also organize Freerotation, an annual intimate festival which Grimes Adhesif is booked to play every year.

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His forthcoming EP “Clovelly” has apparently been in the works for quite some time, with our title track and premiere having been aired on GCW Radio over two years ago. ‘Kalender Days‘ is a hypnotic tune featuring the late Alex Ookpik on vocals. Steady click-clacking percussion paired with some melancholic chords lend a mesmerizing air to the song which is further complemented by Alex’s soothing vocals, appropriately reverberating in the background. Despite the slightly somber mood, Kalender Days is actually a fairly upbeat affair. With a rolling sub bass driving the groove, it’s perfect for the wee hours.

The record is available for pre-order and will be out in early April. Get your order in as the vinyl-run is limited!