Golden Bug, Vega Voga – Tokoyo No Kuni (ft Vega Voga) [La Belle Records]

la belle records
6 years after V.I.C.T.O.R, Golden Bug announces a return to La Belle Records with Piscobalis, due for release on February 18, 2022.

Psychedelic, dark and haunting, Piscolabis embraces all the styles dear to Antoine Harispuru and emerges as a striking opening onto new worlds, and his fourth studio album features a wealth of guest talent in the form of French artists The Liminañas and Tim Glass; Japanese vocalist, composer and sound designer Narumi Herisson aka Vega Voga; Australian trio Funboys; and Spaniard Pajaro Sunrise.

‘COLIBRI is a psychedelic labyrinth, a sentimental and hypnotic ascent that radiates on the dancefloor. VARIATION SUR 3 BANCS featuring The Limiñanas’, immerses us in the world of acid western and psychedelic pop ; a hitchhiker’s fever dream. On TOKOYO NO KUNI, Golden Bug invites Japanese singer Vega Voga to craft a bridge between their two cultures by creating a musical epic, sounding like an imaginary, acid-drenched Toshiya Fujita movie. With its slow rhythm and spellbinding melodies, LA BOITE NOIRE explores Berlin electronica immersed in chloroform. LA GOUTTE D’EAU takes off, dark and throbbing, and the fluid rhythm is left behind by hypnotic patterns that push the listener into their sofa, and doesn’t relent until the very end of the interlude.

FATA MORGANA excites with its sleazy rhythm, hypnotic arpeggiator and cosmic sound effects. NID DE GUEPES’ interstellar flute wraps around slowed dub effects, like a 45 played at 33, and evokes emotion by repeating its heady loop, an obsessive and mutant vision of music. BRING THE LIGHT with the support of Spanish singer Pajaro Sunrise is an ideal springboard to touch the stars and explores the clear face of Golden Bug by fusing choppy oriental guitars, solar vocals and dub rhythm. Without interruption, KOTODAMA continues the journey to an unknown planet, on which Vega Voga comes to pose her suave voice on dark electronic arrangements, transforming itself into indescribable and harmoniously eccentric binary code. To end this journey, LE CHANT DES SIRENES, carried by the voice of Frenchman Tim Glass, plays along the lines of scintillating and nebulous pop.

Vocal textures with robotic vibrations, and complex psychedelic music are the thread of Ariadne in this new sensory and universal album. Music to listen to, see and feel.’


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