Gene Tellem reveals her new label Bienvenue Recording with “The Inner Dance” EP

bienvenue records - gene tellem
Gene Tellem launches her own label Bienvenue Records, welcoming you to a world of sounds for all the extroverted introverts out there. With headquarters at La Rama in Montreal, the new label plans on assisting your journey through local & international sounds.

For this first EP, Gene lays down the foundation for what is to come. Journey agent tracks for all looking to experience the music, an extended groove, more than just a drop & repeat. ‘Groove PM’ sets the scene, we play in the sun during the day and at night we smooth out the rigid edges of the hustle. ’N’ You’ is here to get you in touch with your natural swing, ride on the simplicity of moderate changes and witness just how much we have. ‘Tender As A Rhodes’ is an ode to that thing that changed it all, the universal jazz sound, dub it out, stretch it out, and watch the whole room come together. As the morning comes we get ‘Chipped’, dance ’til the next day comes and hit the streets with a little pep in your step. Crossing paths with your neighbours on the way home, they might not know but all who witnessed do, we who dance the night are the warriors that keep the light on in the darkness.

gene tellem

The record is available now at La Rama Records in Montreal. To all who wish to enjoy the record internationally, you can pre-order it on your favourite online shop or ask your local record store to stock this one! Out worldwide on September 3rd.