Gaspero – Concrete Matters (Germain CLS No Pose Remix) [39 Records]

Gaspero is addressing concrete matters for his debuts on 39 Rec, delivering five trancyprog dancefloor ready cuts.

Starting the menu with a hot and juicy pho 777, you will have to go through the energized Trance Gate to reach the initial version of the Concrete Matters. You’ll then enter an endless argument with Germain CLS trying to determine the best opinion to stand for on the matters. Once realizing there won’t be any pose on the argument you’ll understand why the Pho was so Phychedelicious and maybe start the concrete process again.

Germain CLS, active member of the French collective Hors Sol, assisted Gaspero on the mixdown of this EP. He has signed it with an intense club-oriented version of the EP’s eponym track Concrette Matters.

As the track version’s name suggests, Germain CLS no pose remix won’t let you any chance to rest with a modern trance approach and psyche vocals which are a good reflection of Hors Sol universe.


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