Garneau – Feelings [EARUHAVEIT]


Francis Ledisko: “Nick Garneau reached out to me with these tracks off the back of Max Ulis’ release. Like Max, he’s also a Quebecquer who moved out west. Like myself, Nick is fluent in three languages: English, French and Chunky Techno. Here’s an obvious secret; the latter is a prerequisite to be signed to the label. Releasing these tracks on EARUHAVEIT is a no-brainer for me; “Lost” and “Serve” are tough, reliable stompers that get the job done, while the lush pads on “Feelings” balance out the EP with bittersweet emotional feels.

When you’re done buying these, check out Garneau’s label “Club Designs” for electro/ghetto house goodness and awesome record sleeve design. Then you can check EARUHAVEIT for all the other great records we’ve released so far :)”

text has been provided by the label.