G. Markus – Dreemscape ’93 [OOSSHA]

OOSSHA continues on her path with a second release by G. Markus titled Warning! OOSSHA is an outlet for music that’s dedicated to house and alternative styles while always maintaining fierce and unique ingredients that conquer hearts.

UK producer Ben Gomori revisits his G. Markus alter ego for an EP that pays tribute to the jungle and drum & bass soundtrack of his formative years. The EP takes its name from one of the UK’s longest-running (still running!) drum & bass parties, Cambridge’s Warning!, which was one of his stomping grounds as a teenager.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-g-markus-dreemscape-93″ /]

The track that we’re premiering today, “Dreemscape ’93,” is the lead song from the EP. It’s a vibey piece that instantly recalls old school house tracks with its use of a contagious groove, filtered elements and a vocal sample taken from a recording of legendary UK rave’s Dreamscape’s 1993 NYE party — the first rave tape Gomori ever heard, played to him by his older brother. On the same side we find queniv turning B side track ‘The Sleepless Moon’ into his unique blend of breakbeat elements and twisted ambient layers.

On the fiipside, Roger Gerressen turns “Dreemscape 93” into his own interpretation of lo-fi filtered chord sweetness and combining it with hypnotising Rhodes patterns. B2 makes space for the original “The Sleepless Moon” which is all about the rhythms. Intricate MIDI programming triggers acoustic drum samples that intertwine with twinkling ear candy and a jungle break before breaking up the patterns with an infectious bassline.

Warning! is set for release this Friday, June 14th! To pre-order your copy simply follow this link right here.