Funkyjaws – Untitled II [Craft Music]

funkyjaws - craft music

Funkyjaws or Sergei is a really humble, but extremely gifted guy from Belarusian town of Grodno, which lies close to Lithuanian border. Most likely that’s how we can explain Sergey’s multiple gigs in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania. With a solid bunch of releases on Houston’s Kolour LTD, Sheffield’s Shadeleaf Music and Austrian Pusic Records from Innsbruck, Funkyjaws productions should be well known by these and those who are interested in more soft, discofied side of house.

The newest offering from the Belarusian comes in the shape and form of “Afrojaws” vinyl EP. This is a collaboration with St. Petersburg-based blog, house music party series and now also a label known as “Craft Music”. As you can suspect from the title, the whole EP rotates about Afro, Caribbean vibes and, as far as we understand, all 4 tracks in the release are edits.

Bolting Bits are happy to premiere B2 track of the release today which is titled “Untitled II”. The track is a very well crafted edit of the legendary Afro-Caribbean band Osibisa which was established by African and Caribbean expats in London back in 1969. What initially came out as a 7 incher in 1971, now gets a really good treatment from Funkyjaws. The tempo is not as fast as in the original, some percussion parts are dropped as well, but nevertheless the groove is still there. Masterfully played funky horns, intricate work on percussion, some tasty effects for good measure and the overall bright mood of the track will get you hooked easily. It will surely transport you to a tropical, carefree beach somewhere on the shores of Granada, Antigua or Trinidad. And there you dance naked under the palms trees with the ancestral spirits of the musicians who established Osibisa.

A bit sad that the release is scheduled only for midsummer (15th of July) as we’re sure that there’s a lot of people who won’t mind dancing and grooving to this gem from the very beginning of this year’s summer.