Black Jazz Consortium – Focus [Evolutiong Of Light]

Black Jazz Consortium aka Fred P aka FP-ONER aka d- -b.  Few artists garner as much deserved attention and accolades as this former New Yorker.  Prolific as the day is long: delivering timeless afro-forms of rhythm and chorus: calling and responding to the past while in constant motion.  Fred P is a consortium, a coalescence of the past brought to this future present. Like his body of work, it’s Hi-Tek soul distilled, complimented and reborn.  

Indelible artists have always borrowed from the greats. It’s the folk tradition that is the blues and jazz’s functional quality. To be spoken and expounded upon.  Evolution of Light is no different. It stands on the shoulders of giants through four decades of contemporary American music. Each Fred P release reminds us why this music of ours is the next iteration.  A linear addition to our endless chorus of drums, dance and soul. 

Evolution of Light isn’t so much an evolution of the past but a standard to hold alongside those who came before. Pre-order on his bandcamp today.