Fratelli Malibu – Tema di Susie Reloved (Banda Maje Vocal Retouch)

This double release is part of Four Flies Records‘ RELOVED series, joining the dots between Italy’s great film and library-music tradition and a global scene of forward-thinking producerpreviously they offered new versions of music from Gianni Safred, Giuliano Sorgini, Piero Umiliani…This time, they delved into Alessandro Alessandroni’s discography for a real treat…

‘Tema di Susie’ is one of the main themes from the soundtrack composed by Alessandro Alessandroni for the 1976 Italian noir Sangue di sbirro, known in English as Blood and Bullets, as well as Knell, Bloody Avenger (the Susie in the original title refers to the female love interest of the film’s hero, who is on a mission to seek revenge for the gangland murder of his policeman father).

At once sweet and sentimental, haunting and melancholic, ‘Tema di Susie’ stands out from the other tracks in the film, which are more tense and frantic. Like the rest of the score, however, it exemplifies the way in which, during the ‘70s, Italian film composers created their own version of the sound of American blaxploitation cinema, with its groovy blend of funk, jazz, and soul. It is no coincidence that the film’s director, B-movie specialist Alfonso Brescia, specifically requested music in the style of Shaft, the iconic film that defined that sound in 1971.

“Though seemingly simple, ‘Tema di Susie’ is a perfect example of Alessandroni’s style – in particular his unique ability to effortlessly blend groove and melody, funk and feeling, into one musical piece. That’s why we thought it deserved a special, double installment of our RELOVED series – gor this chapter of the series, Four Flies enlisted Neapolitan duo Fratelli Malibu, consisting of drummer Andrea De Fazio and bassist Paolo Petrella, versatile musicians who’ve been active in the Naples music scene for nearly two decades; and French producer Mounika, with his unique style characterized by mellow and soothing vibes.

Today we share with you Fratelli Malibu – Tema Di Susie Reloved (Banda Maje Vocal Retouch) – The Neapolitan duo have taken Alessandroni’s melodic theme and woven it into a mesmerizing tapestry of rhythmic beats, world percussion and ethereal atmospheres. Drawing inspiration from funk/Afrobeat, synth-pop and Italo-disco, they’ve conjured a psychedelic-tinged, afro-cosmic groove that’s bound to transport you to another dimension.

As the music unfolds, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a vibrant, fantasy world. The breaks, outro, and intro are woven with a psychedelic thread that leaves you yearning to return once the final note fades away. And that’s not all – they’ve injected an irresistible pop sensibility into the track with the use of drum machines and synths. The result? A rework that not only ampli#es the dreaminess of the original but also seamlessly marries the past with the future.

Four Flies Records say about the track: “We love the track so much that we decided to double the fun with a vocal retouch version, courtesy of the Italian funk/soul collective Banda Maje. Their vocalists, Chiara Della Monica and Cristina Cafiero, elegantly infuse cinematic and Balearic vibes into the mix, paying a wonderful homage to Fratelli Malibu’s exquisite arrangement”.


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