Footshooter – Rotations [YAM Records]

footshooter - rotations - YAM records
All eyes on Footshooter, the alias of Barney Whittaker, a London-based DJ, producer, and musician who has a new release for us. Whittakers sound is mostly influenced by the colourful Soul and Jazz scene of London, where he collaborates frequently with local musicians to experiment with his blend of skippy broken beats on different sounds and moods. The rich sound of his pieces is created by live instrumentation, which gives his tracks an organic tone with plenty of soul. The new Album “Technicolour Nights” fits perfectly with the imprint releasing it, YAM Records, and builds a strong connection to the mood and atmosphere of the previous releases on the British label.

Footshooter has already had a breakthrough with his previous release, ‘Strange Days EP’, which had a debut play by Bonobo in his NYC Boiler Room set and gained regular plays on NTS, Balamii, and by Gilles Peterson on Worldwide FM.

“Technicolour Nights” lets us start a journey through varied atmospheres and soulful chords, starting from the ethereal synth of ‘Intro’ which is followed by a soft break into ‘Juan’s Stairwell’. The smooth closeup of the A-Side is made by a two-step groover, ‘On Telegraph Hill’. The B side is opened by ‘Mars’ and the sensual voice of the London based MC ‘And is Phi’, shortly after which her vocals are perfectly underlined by an easy 160 bpm breakbeat.

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Our premiere on the flip, Rotations, gives us a blurred picture through Footshooters’ eyes on the London nightlife, and it enriches the album with its diversified sound. This dynamic excursion drops the tempo with steppy breaks, whose atmospheres let you fly through London nights, until the end where you finish your night in deep meditation with closer ‘Our Love’, a bittersweet sound to fade away on.

We are looking forward to hearing more of this talented producer, but in the meantime, we can recommend ordering this one via Bandcamp.