Felipe Gordon – Run Run Run [Forbidden Cuts]

Felipe Gordon (soundcloud) is back on Forbidden Cuts with some tasty grooves in the form of Run Run Run from the forthcoming “Jambalaya” EP. The Bogota-based producer’s unique blend of house rhythms and acidic textures sit well within the roster of the Discotexas subsidiary. Filtered percussion and hazy arpeggios draw the track in before dropping into a classic piano progression. Driven by its hypnotic grooves the track bounces in and out of its funky hook maintaining a club friendly dynamic edge. Compared to his track Chiclago released on Forbidden Cuts in 2016, Run Run Run places more focus on the warmth and vibe rather than catching the attention with an aggressive groove. As the layers progress, vocal samples cut through the mix and compliment the wobbly bassline. In breakdowns the track slips into spacey psychedelic environments and quickly jump back into the main refrain.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/felipe-gordon-run-run-run” /]

Run Run Run is another friendly reminder of the carefully curated selections on Forbidden Cuts. With an emphasis on variety, the Lisbon-based label seeks to represent the diversity of culture within the Portuguese scene. Gordon’s creations drift around the multicultural influences in Lisbon while also maintaining his own distinct warmth and arrangements. Pairing up with Forbidden Cuts again could see him take another step towards reaching an even greater audience.