Felipe Gordon – Fighting Momios With Acid And Jazz [Flat White Records]

While we’re less sure about who/what Momios is and why they/it should be fought, the acid and jazz parts of our premiere are self-evident. Fighting Momios With Acid And Jazz is the B1 cut from the upcoming second release of Leicester label, Flat White. Bogota’s Felipe Gordon is the artist behind the record that encompasses a lot of what we like at Bolting Bits: flavours of house, disco, techno and interesting blends of samples and original instrumentation.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-felipe-gordon-fighting-momios-with-acid-and-jazz” /]
The “Deep Fried Banana” EP is a five-tracker featuring a remix from The Last Trip To Gandahar, whose work we’ve premiered before. There isn’t a track we wouldn’t buy on this record, but our premiere is the stand out for us. While the percussive elements cut in and out, dusty-sounding jazz piano samples and a looped acid synth-line staple this track almost all the way through. It’s one of those pieces of music that feel like every part is completely intentional – even the rough bits are supposed to be rough. Felipe Gordon has built an impressive resume for himself recently, with releases on London’s Quintessentials and Berlin’s Toy Tonics, and we’re happy we can play a part in getting the word out on this guy, because his future looks bright. Also on the record, check out: Groove 37 (if funky basslines and dissonant keys are your thing) and The Last Trip To Gandahar’s driving, dance-focused remix of the EP’s title track, Deep Fried Banana.