FAZER – White Sedan (Werkha Remix)

fazer werkha remix
Hailing from Munich, the jazz quintet FAZER have been making waves far beyond the Bavarian capital. The band first got in the spotlight earlier this year, after they self-released their debut album Mara in March. The fact that it was their initial release did not stand in the way, as it quickly popped up in the sets of numerous respected DJs and got featured by some of our favourite radio stations, such as NTS or Worldwide FM.The unusual lineup, consisting of two drummers, and a single bass, guitar and trumpet player leaves a lot of room for improvisation and this is obvious in the band’s latest release. White Sedan was initially a part of the debut album and it draws inspiration from Guaguancó – a subgenre of Cuban rumba, combining vocals, percussion and dance elements. The dreamy track has now been reissued alongside two excellent remixes – one from Glenn Astro & Hodini and the other one from Werkha, which is the one we’ll be taking a closer look at.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/fazer-white-sedan-werkha-remix” /]
The Glaswegian ace usually explores a wide array of instruments and arrangements in his production and the remix for FAZER is no exception. It starts smoothly, retaining many elements of the original rhythm but is quickly revamped via blissful jazzy keys and gentle synth stabs. The evolution does not stop there however – coming up to the half-way mark, the track grows into a peak-time heater, destined to blow up dancefloors this fall. The wry percussion elements add that breaky feel and our feet are already itching in anticipation. You can pre-order the release here.Werkha will be playing at Gretchen Club, Berlin on 21st October with his full live show featuring award winning jazz musicians Fergus McCreadie & Graham Costello (Glasgow, Scotland). As always Werkha will be joined by life long collaborator Bryony Jarman-Pinto (Tru Thoughts).

You can catch Werkha here in the coming months:
01.09.2018 White Hotel, Manchester, UK (DJ)
05.10.2018 Upfront Gallery, Penrith, UK (LIVE)
19.+20.10.2018 Academy Bar, Salzburg, Austria (LIVE)
21.10.2018 Club Gretchen, Berlin, Germany (LIVE)