Eric Maltz – Dream Journal [Flower Myth]

eric maltz - dream journal
Flower Myth label head Eric Maltz proved himself to be a rising star in 2018 with two acclaimed EP’s and debut performances at Berlin’s Atonal Festival and world renowned club, Tresor. His first release of 2019, Dream Journal, confirms Maltz is riding that inertia straight into the new year and beyond.

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly abridged track list. Clocking in at just under 11 and 12 minutes, respectively, Dream Journal is more “epic” than “EP”, with Maltz pushing both ideas to their limits and then some. The title track builds itself up from an infectious bass line that rides a thin divide between funk and dub, a combination Maltz employs throughout the entire release. As the track unfolds, countless piano leads, arpeggios, and strings twinkle in and out, through and between miscellaneous percussion for endless intrigue– I encourage any DJ to let this one ride.

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The flip side, Subliminal Virgo, might employ one of the most effective uses of polyrhythm I’ve heard in dance music. Spaced out string plucks dance with a broken kick, leaving listeners suspended somewhere between 3 and 4 until the snares come in at the 2 minute mark. But even with the help of a well-identified pulse, Maltz’ use of double and half-time 3 over 4 rhythms creates a weightlessness, a heavenly suspension and tension in the ears of those willing to let themselves go.

Maltz’s off-brand of experimental dance music is sure to turn heads this year, be sure not to sleep on his name or the up and coming Flower Myth label! Pre-order here.