Emmanuel Kahe Et Jeanette Kemogne – Ye Medjuie (Ben Gomori’s Open Goal Edit) [Monologues Records]

Monologues boss Ben Gomori‘s edits of African classics for Sterns Edits and Africa Seven have won fans far and wide, with DJs from Optimo to Hunee, Folamour, Horse Meat Disco and TSHA getting behind them. He continues this acclaimed body of work with this new release, carving up two gems and adding a little juice to them in the process.

First up, a joyous slice of 1980s Camerooon from Emmanuel Kahe Et Jeanette Kemogne on ‘Ye Medjuie’, where rousing trumpet refrains meet undulating bass funk. Then the deep dubby skank of Nigeria’s Akaba Man & The African Pride’s ‘Popular Side’ goes on a Metro Area-flavoured excursion with distorted Melodica blasts rubbing up against a sweet-but-trippy synth solo and haunting vox synths.


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