Ed Hodge – Zest [Gestalt Records]

GST25 gesalt records

Ronald Uus @ bynew.com

It seems Gestalt Records are going to end the year on a strong note, not that anyone, keeping an eye on this bustling outfit, would expect otherwise. In just over 3 years of existence they have released a number of stellar EPs from producers with fresh ideas and elegant sounds. Encompassing trippy progressive, leftfield house, hypnotic breaks and everything in between – the Tallinn-based label has created a signature sound which we’re big fans of here at Bolting Bits. And it is obvious that the latest addition to their ranks will fit right in.

For their 25th release, Gestalt Records have recruited Ed Hodge, who has previously released on Distant Horizons, White Peach and Dansu Discs. Hailing from the city of Birmingham, he also makes up ½ of Mother Of Pearls, his partner being the impeccable Tom Jarmey. A true man of culture, Ed is a fully trained saxophonist/clarinettist and his output is laced with classical influences. And this release is a classic Gestalt Records 4-tracker – filled with surging beats, pacey atmosphere and progressive soundscapes.

Clocking in at just over 6 minutes, the title track ‘Zest’ was clearly created with a club setting in mind. The 127 BPM piece starts subtly but soon evolves into a rollicking number that features a number of ups and downs, sure to get listeners moving – whether that’d be on the dancefloor or under the table. The elevating synth line, coupled with relentless percussion and an obscure but catchy vocal sample holds ground and leads the way for the remainder of this forward-thinking release. Whether it’s the ethereal ‘Black Flag’, gritty ‘Genesis’ or acid-infused ‘The Secret History’, each track on the ‘Nassau’ EP features enthralling sound design and is ready to be put to the test, by the wide-eyed dancers around the world.