Ed Davenport – Globuli Acid [Globuli]

Long-serving British DJ and producer Ed Davenport announces a new label – GLOBULI. Intended as a freestyle platform for fresh house, acid, tribal, deep techno and beyond, the first release features three new tracks by Ed himself.

An essential pack of club tracks for DJs, Davenport crafts three distinct moments for the dancefloor. ‘Globuli Acid’ sets a wiggling 303 bassline against a punchy drum workout evoking flashbacks of classic Communique / DJ ESP releases with a heartfelt nod to the great US-UK acid house legacy.

Tribal workout ‘Padaconga’ charts a rolling course into a swarm of robotic choir signals and processed house stabs, while the heavyweight ‘F.O.G (Hotline Mix)’ cuts through the spectrum in the fullest and most warehouse-ready cut of the EP, smoke machines at the ready.


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