Earthboogie – Human Call (Ali Kuru Remix) [Leng Records]

Nicola Robinson and Izaak Gray are Earthboogie (soundcloud). If you haven’t heard of the duo yet, do yourself a favour and check out their debut release “Mr. Mystery” on London’s Leng Records, which was released last year. The pair are known for their travelling custom Quod sound system but are now also making a name for themselves on the production front as well. Fusing afro rhythms with cosmic influences while retaining a funk that is uniquely theirs, the boogie in the pair’s name is well merited.

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Ahead of their forthcoming album, “Human Call” which is due out this coming May, Earthboogie are set to release one of the singles, Silken Moon, as well as a remix from Felix Dickinson and a remix of the yet unheard title track on the album from Ali Kuru (soundcloud), which is our premiere today. The Turkish virtuoso, who released his own album on Leng not all too long ago, sheds his usual exotic flavour and brings forth an intergalactic workout leaning in a more DJ-friendly direction on his version of Human Call. This late night burner is full of afro-funk fuelled rhythms, a fat, steady bassline and enchanting vocals all mixed into a booty shaking cocktail perfectly mixed for the dancefloor.

Not only do we have the exclusive premiere of the track today, but the video as well, a part of Earthboogie’s quirky sci-fi story based in outer space. If you missed the Silken Moon release party and the live streams over the weekend, don’t sweat, as the record itself is out this week!