E Davd – Stratosphere (Original Mix) [X-Kalay]

Imagine that part of many house tracks after the climax, with its intensity and purpose. Now imagine taking that part out of the song, re-building it with lots of rough, lo-fi sounds and then stretching it all out for more than six minutes, and you’ve got something like Stratosphere, the first track of E Davd’s upcoming EP on X-Kalay. In direct follow-up to Melburnian Lou Karsh’s Ataraxia, the London-based label is reaching down under again, to Sydney, for a few rhythmic cuts from a man whose tracks we’ve premiered before on Blaq numbers.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-e-davd-stratosphere-original-mix” /]
Definitely deserving of wider recognition, E Davd was one of the four artists to contribute to X-Kalay’s inaugural Various Artists release for XK010. And now he’s come back strong for his first solo record on the label, set for a May 18 release, further bolstering its impressive discography. Bar the intro and a brief interlude around halfway, the A1 (and our premiere) drives forcefully and with real musical clarity. There’s not much ambiguous or particularly complex about it: a crunching open hi-hat, looped acid bassline, three-chord progression and some chopped vocals allow the track to exceed the sum of its parts. As much as we like our premiere, our favourites are on the B-side. Certainly the most adventurous, Zero G (B2) and Heartbeat Hyperdrive (B3) provide some interesting dynamism to this EP with their respective breakbeat and rave nods.