Dylan Forbes – Closer [Coymix Ltd]

COY002 A

Continuing his hot streak of 2020 releases, Dublin-based producer Dylan Forbes is back with a brand new four-track EP. Dylan’s recent releases have skewed more toward jungle and breakbeat. On this upcoming release via Coymix Ltd, Dylan returns to his house and techno roots, with the A2 track “Closer” being a perfect demonstration of his signature style.

“Closer” is a love letter to that moment on the dance-floor when everything starts coming together, evoking that near-indescribable feeling you get at the start of the night when the club begins to pack up, the punters find their groove, and the DJ slowly builds momentum. The track is built around a four-to-the-floor kick and an understated breakbeat, but these elements soon give way to an electro-tinged lead melody influenced, in equal measure, by old-school trance and current tech-leaning sounds. It feels apt that Dylan draws on these European influences for a release on an up-and-coming label out of Estonia and Finland; doing so whilst channeling the love and passion these electronic styles have always been met with within his native Ireland.

On paper, you would think that the styles Dylan draws from would be at odds with each other. Historically, trance music has always been at its best when it takes you on a bold, overstated journey, while the success of minimal techno and deep tech-house is dependant on the subtlety and nuance of the format. The result here, however, is a roaring success—a dance-floor-ready groove that will have those lucky enough to experience it smiling from ear to ear.


COY002 comes out on November 20th and you can pre-order it here.

Callum Traynor