DJ Psychiatre – La Passion Galactique [Blaq Tapes]

blaq tapes - the blaq numbers

(BLAQTAPES007) is the latest generous serving fresh from Leipzig’s forward thinking record label, Blaq Numbers, whom we have been following since the label was established in 2015 are always coming through with impressively original music from the likes of Mangabey, Tilman, Just Jam, LUVLESS and many more exciting artists.
Today we have the pleasure of premiering the A9 track, ‘La Passion Galactique’ created by French producer DJ Psychiatre, a composer who is always experimental without losing his key sound and formula that makes his highly emotive electronic music so easily-recognisable. With releases on labels such as Dance Around 88, GASP Records and Pulse MSC, its satisfying to see DJ Psychiatre back with Blaq Numbers, his last release was on the labels 2018 Untitled EP.

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‘La Passion Galactique’ is something special with alternating pitches, muted basslines, strong deep house broken beat sounds reminiscent of the early 90s warehouse raves. It’s clear that this doctor has the power to heal any of your afflictions, oscillating between various soundscapes, it just depends on what you fancy. The busier periods of the track transport you through the atmospheric layers separating us from the great beyond, but they quickly become open wide spaces of pure tranquil ambient house feels which provoke deep thought leading you to complete mental freedom and a feeling of serenity. DJ Psychiatre’s ability to move listeners and leave them with a sense of deep satisfaction and contentment is why we are raving about ‘Las Passion Galactique’, we encourage you to sit back relax and allow yourself to be transported off into the galaxy. Pre-order now!