DJ Popup – Neas’ New Theme [ØEN REC]

Denmark’s ØEN REC. are back with their second various artists compilation entitled “Islands in the Stream”. The cassette features 14 genre spanning tracks. From ambient soundscapes to acid-tinged belters, downtempo pop-y vocal tunes to downright stompers. This release is meant for the open-minded music lover. It features artists both familiar and new to us with some of the standouts on the release coming from the likes of K-Dallas, Lotte Rose (this one is a particularly striking piece) and of course our own premiere today from DJ Popup.

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Neas’ New Theme is the title of the mysterious DJ Popup’s contribution to the compilation, a name we admittedly have not heard of until we came across this track. Tropical birds and a gentle rolling stream open up the piece as some balmy chords come into the fray. Tough break-y dreams make an entrance with a deep sub bass to go along, inviting a bit of welcome contrast to the warm ambience. The synth work is particularly interesting here with different chords, melody lines and pads all working together to generate an introspective atmosphere. Perfect for listening or playing out, Neas’ New Theme should be able to fill a variety of situations both on the dancefloor or on the home stereo.

The compilation should be out by the end of the month and you can pre-order your copy directly from the label’s Bandcamp.