DJ Life – Rock the beat [Earth Plates]

DJ Life is a relatively new name in the electronic music circuit, but you wouldn’t guess it listening to his newest track “Rock the beat!”. The Melbourne native teams up with Gnork, Louis // Louis, and #130E0A to release the “Earth Plates Vol 1.” EP coming out May 18th on Gnork’s blorp music affiliated imprint Earth Plates. The label has only been around for six months, and claims to dedicate its music to the “lovely green and blue plate called Earth”. It’s not difficult to see why as their catalog thus far is comprised of lush, textural techno, house, lo-fi, acid, breakbeats, and everything in between. Earth Plates’ releases are ethereal yet focused, transporting listeners to an almost meditative state.

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“Earth Plates Vol 1.” is a collection of atmospheric house thumpers by up and comers (bar Gnork) of the genre. It’s likely Gnork’s sound was a source of inspiration for DJ Life, Louis // Louis, and #130E0A as their entries for this EP follow in his sonic footsteps. DJ Life’s “Rock the beat!” is an ear-pleasing voyage featuring layered rhythms, oscillating chords, the occasional acid stab, and a vocal sample so heavily filtered it’s incomprehensible. But it’s all about the mood on “Rock the beat!”, and it creates one so alluring like the other tracks on the EP you’ll find yourself wishing the track was at least double its length.

Pre-order your copy of “Earth Plates Vol. 1” by following this link right here!