PREMIERE : DJ Aakmael – Dahlin’ (Leon Revol Remix) [Monologues]

Monologues Records is a record label founded by Ben Gomori in January of 2015 and has evolved from what was initially a podcast series. Although the mixes are still coming with relative frequency, so are the records. The first seventeen releases were digital only but like many others before him, Gomori has decided to start releasing on wax and the last seven records from artists such as Nail and Leon Revol have been pressed to vinyl. The eighth 12″ release from Monologues features a four track EP from DJ Aakmael with two of those being remixes, one from Ben Gomori himself and the other coming from none other than the man behind the imprint’s previous release.

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Leon Revol (soundcloud) has had several releases come out in fairly quick succession this year with EPs on Secret ReelsFuture Disco, and of course Monologues. The young producer is somewhat of an unheralded wunderkind flying under the radar with lovely sample work and moody textures found throughout most of his work thus far. In today’s premiere he takes the already fantastic track Dahlin’ from DJ Aakmael and gives it his own spin. Making do without the vocal chops of the original he takes the main chord samples and works around those. Leon’s version is a lot darker and hazier, less upbeat and yet still very groovy. Detroit-inspired organ stabs adorn this slow burner while a hypnotic bass line walks around the arrangement. This is just further proof that Leon Revol should be on your radar if he isn’t already.

The record is set to be out later this month. Pre-order your copy here.