Distropical – Jaguarundi

Distropical, electronic duo of producers and DJs, from Milano, Italy, formed by Govind Singh Khurana and Stefano Greco. It’s electronic outer-world music, the soundtrack of a party in an imaginary tropical place where the raw energy of traditional field recordings is transferred to the dance floor.

“Astral Langur” brings us to a desertic area, with its obsessive 3/4 beat, while “Birds Of Toi” sounds like a trip, looking for a rave in the jungle. “Jaguarundi” is a hi-energy track where the acoustic sound of a homemade guitar, leads in an unexpected direction. In “Crabitation” the electronic element is bent to follow the acoustic tribal sounds, with their polyrhythms. “Chuao Chuao” starts from a field recording made by Stefano Greco in Venezuela, during a street session of Tambores De Choronì, drums of Afro-Caribbean origin.


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