Denny Pally – UATW [Crash Reserve]

DENNY PALLY crash reserveIt’s always a pleasure to premiere material from a debut release. Today that pleasure comes courtesy of Glaswegian production duo, Denny Pally. Their record, Us Against The World, drops August 3 on Crash Reserve’s new sister label, Infinite Wisdom.

We could call it a ‘house’ EP, but that would undersell its diversity. Our premiere – the A1, called ‘UATW’ – fits snuggly in that category. But ‘Vegan Chops’ includes hints of 90s IDM, with some killer sax to match, while ‘At It (Live Jam)’ features an electro-style beat.

‘UATW’ is punchy and up-beat, simple, and effective. The classic house beat synergizes with a groovy bass synth to carry the track for its almost six minutes. Add to that some chopped vocal samples and dissonant-but-harmonious chords and the sonic picture feels well-rounded. It’s a dance floor tune, undeniably.

As into ‘UATW’ as we are, ‘Vegan Chops’ is perhaps the record’s highlight, and so deserves a notable mention. It’s unique; perfect for some quarantine-style background music that won’t put you to sleep but also won’t scream for your attention.

As its first release, Infinite Wisdom shows promising signs with Us Against The World. And as such, both the label and Denny Pally are making their mark as up-and-comers worth keeping an eye on.