Demi Riquisimo – Paroche [Semi Delicious]

demi riquismo
The inimitable, Detroit-born, UK based producer and DJ, Demi Riquísimo returns to his unbounded Semi Delicious imprint with a 4-track EP with feature vocals from one of London’s most in-demand DJs – Lulah Francs.

Delivering another delectable spread of speaker rumbling house music in a variety of dancefloor flavours, Demi sets off with title track ‘Rush Common’. A steady rolling kick, with his signature live-feel hi-hats are joined by a rumbling 909 groove and massive synth chords and a wandering acid-lead. Simple, effective, fearless house music.

‘Paroche’ brings the authentic Italo-influenced flavours that Demi has become renowned for. Sampled female vocal chants dissect a metric, live drum groove with lush pads and an oozing, wandering arp synth running through the centre. – Demi also includes a huuuuge, Extended Balearic Mix for the bubbling Ibiza terraces throughout the summer.

‘Circulate’ showcases fellow Londoner Lulah Francs vocal leads, across a gnarly FM synth lead and sassy Roland drum groove. Lulah’s enchanting vocals give this one an extra edge to captivate any dancefloor it meets.

‘Don’t Feed The Tiger’ combines Indo-influences with modal vocals and an eastern instrumentation to bask in under the midday sun. A slower tempo from a live-drum groove offers space to move between shaded trees, barefoot in the Balearic sands.


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