Dave Aju – Next 2 You (Stripped Dub) [Elbow Grease]

Coming in blazing-hot off the heels of their very welcome reunion set for the recent Glossolalia LP, Dave Aju & The Invisible Art Trio are apparently out for no mercy here on their potent Elbow Grease debut for the label’s third offering. “Next 2 You” was a live jam session-based composition started overseas some 8+ years back in an earlier incarnation, with raw-edged flavors and deep voodoo feels of the OG underground era that has now been unearthed and blessed for pure dance floor detonation by the elusive LA-based musical squad.

The A-side Original Mix is yet again an extended multi-layered rhythmic voyage of driving vibe-led hypnosis, loaded with rising modal chants, fiery free jazz horns, otherworldly percussion literally orbiting around a solid throbbing 909 framework, and grinding low-end funk pulsations via a sub-octave 303 bass line woven in at the core of the piece. The generous EG release recipe also gives us the lethally mixable, wetted- up, and straight to the percussive point B1 Stripped Dub version, as well as an endlessly unfolding beatless Reprise on the B2 primed for any DJ set moment in need of a mesmerizing impactful lift on the flip.

The trio states this work was inspired by the concept of an ancestral poli-sci-fi twist on VanderMeer’s Annhilation where ancient Incan mystics return in undetectable form for revenge on their colonizers, while sonically channeling the cosmic lineage of core spiritual jazz astral travelers such as our recently earth-departed Pharoah, along with respectful nods to the master teachers from the D. “Next 2 You” indeed.


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