Das Druid – Euphoria (a rave instant) [Beats Of No Nation]

When the Das Druid’s album landed in our inbox, we admittedly listened with skepticism. A whole album, a whole damn album!? But a few minutes in the skepticism turned into romanticism and we were immersed and in love with the Das Druid sound. I mean whats not to love when it sounds like a combination of three of your favourite bands – Primal Scream, The Stone Roses, and Happy Mondays.

A nod to Manchester, the Hacienda, rave culture, being ‘lost in the music’, and all music based upon groove the ‘Das Album’ is a retro-futurist approach to modern-day psychedelia. Pure bliss from start to finish Das Druid’s ‘Das Album’ is available April 22nd worldwide via Beats of No Nation.


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