Cromie & Iron Curtis – Confluence [00:AM]

00:AM cromie & iron curtis
This premiere comes from the second release from 00:AM, Montreal’s very own party turned imprint. If you’re not familiar with this trio so far, it’s most definitely worth checking out their MIXED BY interview from last March. Having thrown some of Montreal’s best parties for many years, showcasing local talent as well as importing top deejays from around the globe, it comes as no surprise that the lineup for 00AM002 is as fresh as ever. The crew show off their knack for A&R with their second VA release, crafted yet again from a delicious pairing of local and international talent.

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B1 “Confluence” comes from the cross Atlantic collaboration by German artist Iron Curtis and LA’s Cromie. The track kicks off with plenty of swagger, as scattered kicks and a steady clap set the pace, resonating pads and dreamy harmony set the mood; gated synths and rhythmic stabs raise the energy, soon followed by an infectious bass-line that brings it all together. By the time the breakdown is over, the broken rhythm is switched out for a solid 4×4 groove, making an already groovy affair into a tune fit for any dance floor.

Just two releases in, 00:AM have already shown that they’re one to watch for. But then again, we could’ve told you that from the get-go! 00AM002 is out now, available to buy here or at your favourite record shop.